Year of the Cactus

On multiple occasions, my friend and I have found ourselves pondering this question: What's this year's owl? Remember around 2010 when owls were all the rage? Maybe they were riding the tailwinds of Harry Potterwho knowsbut suddenly they were everywhere. And then right around 2011-12 we transitioned into foxes. There has to be some sort of cultural psychology behind these trends and I'm dying for someone smarter than I to look into it. 

Anyways, back to the question: What's this year's owl? The conclusion we've reached is that there is no singular answer. Cats and squirrels are valid candidates, but there's been a subtle rumbling from the botanical world that simply cannot be ignored...The Cactus. Now, I fully encourage you to come to your own conclusions but I will leave you with supporting evidence for my argument.

Image by me

Image by me

If you're ready to jump on this prickly bandwagon, here are some pieces to get you started.

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one // two // three // four // five // six