Design challenge: A Red Velvet Couch

Sometimes I like to create little "design challenges" for myself (judge me, it's fine). It happens like this: I'll come across a beautiful but intimidating piece of furniture and I'll force myself to think of ways to integrate it into a design. I figure it's good practice for times when clients are all like, "Have at it. The only thing I ask is that you find a place for [insert obscure-item-that-will-derail-an-entire-look-if-not-dealt-with-carefully here]."

I came across a red bombshell of a couch while perusing ABC Home a few months back and knew she'd be the perfect first challenge.

Since she's pretty bold and in-your-face with her luxe burgundy velvet, I tried to downplay her fancy with some neutral and "earthy" accents. Oh, and "why the pink sheep?" you ask? Because science.