Hi Mom!

Note: Upon realizing how painfully awkward first blog posts are, I decided to dedicate my first post to my mom, since she's likely the only person reading this anyways.

Look ma, I have a blog! I think this means I've officially earned my True Millennial badge. I’ve been toying with this blog idea for quite some time and with this post, I’m officially pulling the trigger.

As you’re well aware, I’ve had an overzealous interest in any and all forms of visual storytelling since I was young—from photography to interior design and everything in between. My intention for this blog is simply to share visual inspiration and subtly impose my point of view onto the world. 

studio scenes.jpg

Lately, the majority of my creative efforts have been focused on interior design. My own apartment has been an always-evolving project (more on that later) and I’ve recently started helping friends with their places (more on that later, as well). I plan to share all of these projects and future ones here, in addition to other nuggets of inspiration and thoughts that enter my mind along the way. 

photo 2 (1).JPG

I’d say I hope you enjoy what I have to share, but of course you will—you’re my mom. Thanks for your encouragement, your unsolicited WOM advertising campaign, and your refrain from asking too many anxiety-inducing questions. 

Love you,