The Besty of Etsy

It took me awhile to hop onboard the Etsy train. It was so easy to find pure crap but entirely difficult to find worthy treasures. My experience with it was incredibly trying and there were often times I felt like giving up ("Forget it! I'm going to TARGET!" *stomps feet*). However, after months of practicing patient exploration, I'm starting to get the hang of it.

My biggest Etsy tip is to set up your personal feed. With the personal feed feature, Etsy behaves similarly to Pinterest. When you "like" a shop or an item or follow someone else's feed, Etsy will gather your favorite shop updates, show you what other people are liking and make other recommendations for you based off of your taste. All of this activity will show up on your feed and lead you down rabbit holes filled with treasure... 

...Oh, apologies for the pause. That was me going down an Etsy rabbit hole. I'm back now. Here are a few items I've been adding to my favorite finds.