9 Sources for Handcrafted Ceramics

I love me a good ceramic piece and I've been coming across so many beautiful ones recently. In fact, at times I find myself more in awe of a restaurant's serveware than the food itself. I constantly find myself lifting full meals or scalding cups of coffee above my head just to identify the dish's maker. Here are some of my favorites as of late:


01. TOTOKAELO // This Seattle-based retailer features the work of independent artists and designers. They have a b-e-a-utiful collection of ceramic pieces from makers all over the world. 

02. MAZAMA WARES // This Portland studio produces beautiful ceramic drinkware inspired by the city's craft beverage scene. (Although, I'm beginning to wonder if this is just the writers of Portlandia pulling a fast one on us...)

03. SPIN CERAMICS // I had a chance to peruse Spin's flagship store when I was in Shanghai and I was blown away. Their pieces are downright mesmerizing and remind me of something out of Fantasia. They recently opened their first US store in NYC.

04. ATELIER DION // This husband and wife team got their start on Kickstarter and now run a studio in Oakland. They do small batch productions for local companies and also sell their pieces through select local retailers. 

05. HEATH CERAMICS // "Heath Ceramics is to San Francisco as Ford Motor Company is to Detroit." -A Stereotypically Smug San Franciscan. But seriously.

06. HELEN LEVI // Helen Levi has been popping up everywhere since her collab with Steven Alan. Each of her pieces are beautifully unique and embody a signature handcrafted look. 

07. BTW CERAMICS // Brooke Winfrey is behind this Brooklyn-based line composed of pieces that are equal parts playful and elegant. 

08. MARCH // March has a gorgeous selection of ceramics in more traditional styles. I highly recommend perusing their stock if you're ever in the market for kitchen-oriented gifts. 

09. STUDIO JOO // Another studio run out of Brooklyn that carries all types of ceramic pieces ranging from bowls to lights. 

Note: This list doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of what you can find on Etsy and eBay. Both are goldmines of new and vintage ceramic treasures.