Heidi Merrick and the Art of Nonchalant Chic

I LOVE fashion designer home tours because I find it fascinating to see fashion aesthetics translated into interior design. Heidi Merrick's LA home is the perfect example of this phenomenon and one of my favorite designer home tours to-date. I mean, the girl just makes it work. With an eclectic set of influences, everything comes together perfectly to create a look I like to refer to as "Nonchalant Chic". 

There's a casual simplicity to it that you just have to appreciate. No overthinking, no fussing, no trend-chasingjust a good eye for interesting and beautiful things. It's like the place just... woke up like this. #flawless

Here's a Nonchalant Chic collection I've rounded up from the web. A little rustic, a bit of modern, a dash of bohemia, a hint of whimsy and a burst of Bougainvillea. There you have it.


Home tour via The Glitter Guide