A South African Stunner

Anyone who lives in San Francisco and tells you they've never considered trading city life for the lush green hills and sun-kissed golden valleys of Wine Country is straight up lying to your face. We've ALL contemplated the idea of moving to Napa/Sonoma at least onceabandoning the grind of fast-paced city life in exchange for one of living in a modest yet comfortable ranch house on a large plot of land, making a light-bodied Pinot Noir for a living (because that's just what you do out there). 

That's why when I came across this stunning home nestled among vineyards in a valley outside of Cape Town, I was reminded of what my life could look like if I simply packed the car and headed up the 101...

Ah yes, there I am standing in the doorway of my sprawling Dutch-inspired home, donning signature pieces from my capsule wardrobe (which consists only of light denim jeans, white linen tunics and brown leather riding boots), flanked by my two loyal and obedient mixed-breed rescuesHamish and Augustine. 

All jokes aside though... That kitchen! Those beamed ceilings! The leather Chesterfield sofa!! It's all too good!

And if you thought for a second that this place didn't include an indoor/outdoor-hybrid living room situation, you're out of your goddamn mind. Of course it does. 

Well, with that I'm off to brainstorm the name of my Pinot...TTYL.

(via Dust Jacket Attic