The Contemporary Beach House

A beach house is obviously one of the multiple houses I will own when I join the 3 Comma Club (it will likely be purchased after my repurposed industrial loft in the city but before my lakefront Tahoe cabin). In preparation for this purchase, I have NOT been saving money, but I HAVE been hashing out my decor approach (I've chosen to embrace a more "If you build it, they will come"mentality with this dream).

Image via  Design Milk

Image via Design Milk

Image via  Style Files

Image via Style Files

My decor intent with this future beach house is to keep the look updated and chic while still maintaining those laid back, beachy vibes. I always get irked when I see super massive, sterile-looking homes taking up beachfront space (most likely occupied by those whiney, "I haaatte sannnd"-types). A beach house should always let a bit of the beach inside, I say. 

Here are a few items I'm building into my vision...

Now... for that Tahoe house...

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