Recent Work: Earthship for The Merchant Home

Not sure about you, but I couldn't be more thrilled about this short week and upcoming holiday. The 4th is one of my favorites and recent events have me feeling extra patriotic this year. Plus, I'm so looking forward to a little R&R and removing myself from the grid. But first, I'm excited to kick vacation mode off on a high note with some recent work I did for The Merchant Home.

Over the weekend I got to photograph and write about Earthship, the flagship store of the brand Earth Tu Face. It's a magical little shop and apothecary studio over in Oakland that retails Earth Tu Face products and other goods from local artisans. Here are a couple iPhone snaps I took, but to get the full story and see more photos, visit The Merchant Home's blog page.


Here's to a happy and relaxing holiday. See you on the flip side!