The Apartment by The Line

I was in New York earlier this week for work and finally had a chance to visit The Apartment by The Line after months of encountering some SEVERE Instagram-induced FOMO. The concept is essentially a retail space for The Line, set in the context of an apartment so that you're perusing artifacts in-situ. 


The bones of the apartment are untouched so you get the charming juxtaposition of original architecture and contemporary pieces. I also love that the place maintains a bit of imperfect character. The fact that the rugs are broken-in, the floor creaks, some artwork is propped against the wallall help to give it a feel that's more approachable than pretentious. 


Oh, that bedroom situation?? I KNOW. There was nothing I wanted to do more than crawl in between those linen sheets for a fatty afternoon nap. But I didn't. I try to save that sort of behavior for Ikea only.

Anyways, if you have even a remote interest in design and find yourself in SoHo, I highly recommend popping over to see this gem in the flesh.