Holiday Weekend Bits: Jackson Hole

I was so thrilled to spend the long holiday weekend with friends in stunningly beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We packed our days with hikes, BBQs, lake swims, town parades, cowboy bars, fireworks, lawn games and river floats. In summary, not a single fuck was given. I literally wish I could bottle up the feeling of weekend and take sips of it during those times when life starts kicking you in the butt (until then, I'll just have to continue to rely on my trusty margaritas to do the trick). 

I was pretty aggressive on the Instagram front this trip but here are a few photo highlights.


On Friday, we ventured into Teton National Park to spend a relaxing day swimming and floating around on String Lake. The Tetons were nothing short of astounding. I've never seen a mountain range so prominent and dramatic. We were entirely in awe every time they came into view. 


We spent the afternoon of the 4th inner tube floating down the Snake River. The scenery was spectacular and the day got even more American when we spotted a Bald Eagle perched in a tree, casting judgement (or prideit was hard to tell) over all of the drunken floaters and rafters that drifted down the river. We capped off the day with THE firework show to end all firework shows, set at the base of Snow King Mountain. 


And lastly, it wouldn't have been a complete trip without an album cover photo. It drops this fall. Stay tuned for more.