As a matter of black

Now, I've talked about my love for dark interiors before but I'll wholeheartedly admit that I'm a straight up Cowardly Lion when it comes to acting on this trend. What if the look is TOO dark? What if the color starts to have an impact on my mental health? What if it just ends up looking like I'm undergoing a late-stage Goth phase? Etc, etc. Perhaps someday when I'm occupying a larger space with more room for error, I'll give it a try...But until then, I'll continue to admire it through the safety of my computer screen. 

All that said, I'm obsessed with the look of bold black decorspecifically of the matte variety. This muted black tone gives off a subtly sophisticated vibe and offers a softer look than that of a high-gloss (a little less Kardashian and a little more Steve McQueen, if you will).


If you're also hesitant to dive into the dark side, here are a few of my favorite matte black decor pieces that will give you that edgy appeal without the overcommitment (or accidental goth). 


Image one via Funktion Alley //  two via Remodelista // three via Smitten Studio // four via Lark and Linen // five via My Paradissi