Luis Barragán, CDMX


The vast majority of my Mexico photos fall into two camps: 1) The dogs of Mexico and 2) Luis Barragán architecture. And on rare occasions, the stars aligned and I came across dogs who resided at Luis Barragán homes–representing the overlapping portion of my life's passion venn diagram.

I managed to visit four of Barragán's homes during the final week of my month-long stay in Mexico City (it was a Barragán Marathon of sorts): Casa Gilardi (images above and below), Casa Luis Barragán (his home and studio), Casa Prieto-Lopez (now known as Casa Pedregal), and Cuadra San Cristóbal.


Each home offers a different glimpse into Barragán's psyche and the way he so thoughtfully approached his work. Casa Gilardi (above) is a family home located on a quiet street near Chapultepec park. As a long-time color-rejector, this home shook me to the core of my neutral-colored heart. Barragán's affinity for rich, vibrant colors often made it feel as if you were touring an actual painting. 

Next was Casa Pedregal (below) which sits in the Pedregal neighborhood in the southern region of Mexico City. This house was built for the Prieto Lopez family during the 1940s and has since changed owners a couple times. What's most noteworthy and impressive about this home is the integration of the natural landscape into the architecture (literally). Casa Pedregal was essentially built upon a field of volcanic rock and Barragán managed to artfully incorporate it into the landscaping and the interior.


The grand finale was Cuadra San Cristobal–Barragán's house and horse stables that you've likely unknowingly seen already in some sort of luxury fashion ad. The grounds here are expansive and the groundskeepers there at the time were pretty DGAF about what's off limits (making it tempting to take one of the many resident horses on a joyride through the pool). There was no formal tour here as there were at the other homes, so I recommend doing this one last once you have some context.


If you're visiting Mexico City, I HIGHLY recommend squeezing in as many tours of Barragán's homes as possible. The tour booking information was a little tricky to find online so here are the contact emails and booking sites for the homes:

Casa Luis Barragán: book tour here (Tours book up months in advance here so book as early as possible!)
Casa Gilardi:
Casa Pedregal:
Cuadra San Cristóbal: