Copenhagen Charm


When I stumbled across this Copenhagen home by way of Goop, I instantly did a digital double take. Ditte Isager is the photographic visionary behind both of Gwyneth’s (as in Paltrow) cookbooks among a host of other notable accolades—so it comes as no surprise that her home is equally as stunning as her portfolio of work. 


The pièce de résistance of it all in my opinion is her minimalist, floor-to-ceiling wood-paneled studio. Yowza. What a sanctuary! An introvert's dream if I've ever seen one!

Photos by Ditte Isager for Goop

My Silverlake Soulmate


This home is certainly nothing new to the interwebs but I’ve realized I’ve never memorialized my love for it here on my blog—and it’s about time. This brilliant Silverlake home belongs to my personal lifestyle icon Jessica de Ruiter and her husband Jed Lind. First off, if you’re offended by people wanting to marry inanimate objects, I suggest you leave now because I’m about to talk about how this home is my soulmate and I want to marry it…

Cool, appreciate the open-mindedness. I mean, could this place BE more in-tune with my emotional needs?! Mid-century bones! Bright white walls! Windows abound! Not to mention the decor vibes… Moroccan rugs! Carrera marble waterfall countertop! Casual, collected objects! I MUST stop yelling.


And how neat is it that they’ve maintained the integrity of the original home with a few minimal but high impact updates? Ugh, I just LOVE that. True California charm at its finest.

Images via C Home, photographed by Douglas Friedman

Brand Awareness: Leah Singh


I recently stumbled upon the work of Leah Singh through a residential project (above) by one of my favorite design firms—Ashe + Leandro. Her throw pillows immediately caught my eye and I loved the playfully modern beach vibe they added within the context of the space. 


Leah is a textile designer who combines traditional Indian craftsmanship practices with modern, geometric designs. Currently, her web shop features a beautiful array of pillows, throws and clutches, and she previously had a line of jewelry


You can see more of her work by visiting her site

INTERIOR OF INTEREST: Beauty in the Berkshires


This stunner has been floating around the Pinterverse and Blogosphere for a few years now, but when it recently resurfaced on my radar, I had to pay tribute to it with a post on the ole blog. Typically, when a space falls into either "rustic" or "modern" categories, I'm not particularly keen on it. However when you merge the two styles... you will have my undivided attention. I'll let these photos serve as proof of concept. 


Photos via Remodelista and Boston Globe

File Under: Apartment Aspirations

I can't get enough of this little NYC abode belonging to Homepolish designer, Tali Roth and her family. Such a gorgeous mix of all sorts of design-lover eye candy, not to mention the stunning natural light in every room. And most importantly, Homegirl's texture layering game is ON POINT. Chunky knits on sheepskin on linen?? Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' bout.


All images via Design Milk