The Hacienda at Scribe

I spent this past Saturday in Sonoma with some girlfriends visiting (read: drinking merrily at) Scribe's newly (re)opened Hacienda. The revamp was executed so tastefully with minimal, modern updates that don't detract from the integrity of the original structure. The charm and history of the place still shines through, but the updates make the space interesting and functional (and working toilets always do wonders for a building).


The kitchen clearly had the most noticeable facelift of the space and it felt perfectly on-brand with Scribe's whole California-cool aesthetic. The living areas were largely untouched aside from subtle structural updates, new furnishings and modernized fireplaces.

Scribe Hacienda16.JPG

The entire place feels dangerously homey, so much so that I've since toyed with the idea of becoming a squatter. But until I act on that plan, I'll settle for the comfort of knowing that this little slice of heaven will always be a short drive away.