As I mentioned in my previous post, with the refresh of my site, my goal with the blog is to expand its content range to cover each channel of my interests (brands, interiors, and photos—I figure the writing bit is inherent). Since I’m only a couple weeks into having declared my blog goals publicly, I’m going to stick with them and introduce a new series I’m calling “Brand Awareness”. This series will highlight various design-minded brands, makers and studios of whom I admire for various reasons.

But first, please allow this quick caveat. As much as I LOVE a good parody of hipster culture and consumption habits (or yuccie culture…whatever we’re calling it these days), I’m also a TOTAL hypocrite. I constantly vacillate between "Hahaha are you kidding me—$60 for a pair of scissors?! What has this world come to??” and "I literally NEED those scissors in order to continue existing.” We all have our things, and being a sucker for design-minded brands is mine...I just wanted to acknowledge my self-awareness around my consumption habits... I feel better now. Let’s move on...

Back to my featured brand—Kaufmann Mercantile—and specifically their new private label line, Kaufmann. Kaufmann Mercantile fist came onto the scene in 2009 and has since offered well-designed, high-quality, everyday goods (the concept was literally inspired by a shitty stapler). 

As crazy as it can sound spending however many dollars on something as mundane as a stapler, you know what’s even more crazy? Spending the same amount on multiple lousy ones over time. So despite whether or not you’re drinking the Kaufmann Koolaid, the brand makes a very fair point: The fact that we accept the disposability of everyday goods as the norm is absolutely something that should be questioned. And I’ve always respected the brand for doing just that.

With high-quality, lasting goods at the core of the company’s promise, KM recently launched their own private label line, Kaufmann. The line features a selection of handcrafted furniture, ceramics, candles and other goods that are made with the company’s commitment to lasting quality and timeless design.

Obviously, the interior aficionado in me was oooh-ing and ahh-ing over the simple and minimal silhouettes of the furniture, but I also commend the company for such an organic extension of the brand. With KM's already-established equity in quality, lasting utilitarian goods, the brand was able to translate those assets into a line of products that are uniquely their own (and downright gorgeous).

Visit Kaufmann Mercantile to see their full line of products. 

Image 1 via The Nest | Other Images & Products via Kaufmann Mercantile