Art, Examined: Jessica Brilli


Every once in awhile, I'll take a deep dive into my Pinterest archives to get a glimpse of my past. Typically I walk away face-palming myself over how questionable my taste once was, but other times I'll stumble upon long-forgotten golden nuggets of goodness. The latter is precisely what happened when I re-discovered the artwork of Jessica Brilli.


Jessica is an oil painter based out of Massachusetts. It was her swimming-themed body of work that first caught my attention (having been a competitive swimmer for the majority of my life, swimming pools represent a whole suite of emotions for me), and I immediately fell in love with the vintage charm of her paintings. Her portrayal of analog life and scenes of simple living had me feeling nostalgic for an era I was never even alive in. 


The design possibilities around any one of these pieces are endless. Love, love, and LOVE. Jessica's work is for sale through her site as well as select prints via her Etsy shop.


I was able to pop over to West Coast Craft this weekend to spend sometime strolling the aisles and wreaking some havoc on the old bank account. One of the booths that immediately caught my eye was that of the incredibly talented and sweet Liz Robb. Aside from my "moth to a flame" tendencies when it comes to indigo, it was also the sculptural beauty and mixed textures of her pieces that drew me in.

Her pieces had a bit of a mesmerizing effect and I could have stood at her booth staring and touching the pieces for hours like a CREEP. However, I convinced myself to play it cool and mosyed on, but not before snapping a few pics.  


The Besty of Etsy: Art Edition

First, allow me to address the elephant in the room, which is I've been neglecting this place big time. Between tending to my duties over on Apartment 34 (here's a recent piece I wrote for them, if you're interested) and some other design projects, I've been strapped for time and as a result, the action over here has taken a hit. But alas, I'm back and hoping to make up for it.

Anyways, now that I've gotten that off my chest, I decided it was time to do another Etsy roundupthis time focusing on art. Now there's not much of a curatorial POV here other than "things that caught my eye," but here's a roundup of pieces I've been digging on the Etz.

one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six  //  seven  //  eight  //  nine

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine


Many of these sellers feature an assortment of other masterpieces so I highly recommend taking a little peruse if you're in the market for some art. For even more sources for affordable artwork, I did a post on that back in the day. Happy hunting!

9 Sources for Affordable Art

Since gallery walls have been having quite the ongoing moment, I'm always on the hunt for original artwork that won't break the bank. I have great news: Beautiful pieces and affordable prices ARE NOT mutually exclusive (so don't even THINK about buying art at Bed Bath & Beyond ever again. There. I said it.). Here are some of my favorite artists and art sources I keep at the top of my lists.

PS- If that print of Bill Murray smiling in front of a bougainvillea bush doesn't just instantly warm your heart, you are a soulless human. Happy Friday.

Happy Monday

After a long week of work travel, it was nice to spend some QT catching up with my own bed and good friends. On Saturday we ventured to Alcatraz to visit Ai Weiwei's @Large exhibit where we saw his work and also did the Alcatraz audio tour (which is SO fascinating, btw).


My favorite part of the exhibit was the incredibly vibrant kites hung about the New Industries building—the site where inmates would work doing laundry and manufacturing. The entire thing was so beautiful and erie.


Hope you had a relaxing weekend as well and I wish you a painless Monday and speedy work week!