Big-Ass Houseplants

Like, we’re talking BIG-ass plants. Not a coy little succulent quietly perched atop a coffee table (although there’s nothing wrong with those)—but borderline offensively huge plants that demand your attention when you walk in a room. LOVE them. I think I appreciate this look so much because it’s a nice thing to let nature take the spotlight in a design every once and awhile. Typically—at least for me—plants and greenery are more of an afterthought than a focal point, but this aggressive plant look has have me thinking otherwise.

One last thing real quick—can we talk about that GIANT aloe plant? HELLO you beautiful beast! 

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Into the Woods


As much as I love a good white or colored kitchen, there's something that feels quite timeless about these minimal-style wood kitchens. Coming out of the 90s and early 2000s, I can understand why some still have some lingering PTSD towards wood cabinetry, but when you aren't so heavy-handed on the paneling and avoid Cherry wood at all costs, you start to see some really refreshing results. It also helps not to overwhelm a space with wood cabinetry—including open shelving or minimizing the amount of upper cabinetry you have will help to keep the wood look under control. 

There's something about these spaces that feels more timeless than trendy and I just don't see myself ever tiring of it...

Image one via Delight by Design  // two via A+B Design // three via Kitchen Building // four via Coco Lapine // five via Architectural Digest // six via Toby Scott // seven via Meme Design

INTERIOR OF INTEREST: Beauty in the Berkshires


This stunner has been floating around the Pinterverse and Blogosphere for a few years now, but when it recently resurfaced on my radar, I had to pay tribute to it with a post on the ole blog. Typically, when a space falls into either "rustic" or "modern" categories, I'm not particularly keen on it. However when you merge the two styles... you will have my undivided attention. I'll let these photos serve as proof of concept. 


Photos via Remodelista and Boston Globe

The Apartment by The Line

I was in New York earlier this week for work and finally had a chance to visit The Apartment by The Line after months of encountering some SEVERE Instagram-induced FOMO. The concept is essentially a retail space for The Line, set in the context of an apartment so that you're perusing artifacts in-situ. 


The bones of the apartment are untouched so you get the charming juxtaposition of original architecture and contemporary pieces. I also love that the place maintains a bit of imperfect character. The fact that the rugs are broken-in, the floor creaks, some artwork is propped against the wallall help to give it a feel that's more approachable than pretentious. 


Oh, that bedroom situation?? I KNOW. There was nothing I wanted to do more than crawl in between those linen sheets for a fatty afternoon nap. But I didn't. I try to save that sort of behavior for Ikea only.

Anyways, if you have even a remote interest in design and find yourself in SoHo, I highly recommend popping over to see this gem in the flesh.

Ham House Debut

Finally! It's about time we have some high-qual photos of The Ham House up in this place! With the bedrooms and a few other outstanding items to complete (likefor instancea kitchen renovation), the living and dining areas of the house are for the most part DONEZO (special emphasis on "for the most part," as I will continue to lose sleep until the lack of lighting over dining table issue is resolved). Here are a few selects and to take a peek at the full set, you can visit my portfolio page


A big thanks to everyone that lent a helping hand working on the house (whether it be painting walls, moving/hanging heavy objects three centimeters to the left...then back to the right... and/or sewing pillows, etc.). And an extra special thank you to The Faded Awning for styling props (if you're in La Jolla be sure to pop in this shopit's filled to the brim with vintage treasures. Plus the gals that run the jointCathy and DeDeare the sweetest ladies on Girard Ave.). 

And lastly, thanks to these guys for letting me use their first home as a creative canvas! Can't wait to start all over once that kitchen reno kicks off.


A Glimpse into the Decorator's Showcase

A couple weeks ago I visited the Decorator's Showcase home over in the entirely affordable Presidio Heights neighborhood of San Francisco (Have I not mentioned I'm a secret millionaire? Must have slipped my mind...). In summary, the concept is that each room of the home is designed by a different Bay Area designer and then the home is open for paid public viewing. All the proceeds from the event (which runs for a month) go to benefit the financial aid program at a local high school. Design for a causeit doesn't get much better!

Anyways, I wrote a longer rundown of the event for Apartment 34, but I thought I'd share a few of my own snaps here.

Design by  Authenticity B

Design by Authenticity B

Design by   Authenticity B

Design by Authenticity B

Design by  Will Wick

Design by Will Wick

Design by   Will Wick

Design by Will Wick

Design by   Will Wick

Design by Will Wick

Design by  Tineke Triggs

Design by Tineke Triggs

Design by  Glenda Flaim

Design by Glenda Flaim