Last week, my BFF Brittany and I took a short vacation to Tulum, Mexico. Let me tell you, the place lives up to the hype (now that I said that, you will undoubtedly claim it doesn't live up to the hype). 

We stayed at Papaya Playa and would recommend it to anyone looking for a place to stay in Tulum. While it’s a short cab ride or bike ride north of all the good restaurants, you can’t beat the mile of beach-front property they have access to. For this reason, it never felt overly-crowded and the service was excellent. 

It’s pretty much off the grid (with the exception of electrical outlets and shoddy WiFi connections available in the lobby and hotel restaurant) so be ready slow your Instagram roll and practice the art of Being Present. 

As far as places to eat and things to do, we didn’t stray too far from the Birkenstock-beaten path paved by Brooklyn hipsters (Hartwood, Coqui Coqui, Gitano, Posado Margharita, Casa Jaguar, etc… "What about El Tablano?!?” you ask? It was closed. #WhompWhomp). The food was excellent all around and if you’re looking for a place to refine you Mezcal palate, look no further.

We also visited the Mayan ruins (neato), dropped in on a yoga class at Amansala (excellent), and swam in Gran Cenote (cool in concept, but filled with creepy freshwater turtles with freakish claws and bats whizzing around the insides of the caves).

I think the thing that stuck with me most about Tulum was the simplicity of it all. From the decor to the attitude—Mexico just doesn’t bother to put up a fuss. You want to have a margarita AND walk down the street with it? By all means. You want to not take a real shower for five days? Neither has the guy serving you the freshest grilled fish you’ve ever tasted. You want to post a photo on Facebook? Well, we can’t help you but here’s a freshly cracked coconut and a pastel-colored sunset to hold you over until you’re able to find your next WiFi connection.

Comin’ atcha with a mega fist bump, Tulum. Well done and I can’t wait to be back.