The Apartment by The Line

I was in New York earlier this week for work and finally had a chance to visit The Apartment by The Line after months of encountering some SEVERE Instagram-induced FOMO. The concept is essentially a retail space for The Line, set in the context of an apartment so that you're perusing artifacts in-situ. 


The bones of the apartment are untouched so you get the charming juxtaposition of original architecture and contemporary pieces. I also love that the place maintains a bit of imperfect character. The fact that the rugs are broken-in, the floor creaks, some artwork is propped against the wallall help to give it a feel that's more approachable than pretentious. 


Oh, that bedroom situation?? I KNOW. There was nothing I wanted to do more than crawl in between those linen sheets for a fatty afternoon nap. But I didn't. I try to save that sort of behavior for Ikea only.

Anyways, if you have even a remote interest in design and find yourself in SoHo, I highly recommend popping over to see this gem in the flesh.

Apartment Envy in the Big Apple

As a millennial, this next statement could be considered blasphemous, but I'll say it anyways: I've never been one of those people with a strong desire to live in New York. Now don't get me wrongI fully appreciate the city, love visiting and I GET why people are obsessed, it's just not for me, ya know? The Pacific Ocean is my security blanket. What can I say?  I'm a big, giant Californian baby. 

That being said, I will admit that I do often get mega apartment jealousy over those quintessential New York apartments that are just oozing with charm (thanks, Carrie Bradshaw). Take this stunning Greenwich Village apartment designed by the talented Katie Martinez, for instance. If I hypothetically lived in New York, this is hypothetically how I'd do it.

Apartments are an interesting concept when it comes to design. Because they primarily serve renters, they're often viewed as transient spaces where the decor tends to give off a strong "temporary" vibe (not to mention, renovating a rental is typically frowned upon by landlords). So it's fun to see what people do with such a space when they actually own their apartment. Built-in shelving... a mounted TV... painted hardwood floors?! Oh the possibilities... 

Not too shabby, New York! Dare I say... Well done!?! Now, if only we could figure out a way to scoop this place up and airlift it to San Francisco... 

Design by Katie Martinez // Images via Katie Martinez & Lonny