The Apartment by The Line, Los Angeles


I spent this past weekend in LA celebrating a longtime friend’s 30th birthday and draining my hard-earned dollars on overpriced green juice. In between those activities, I was able to pay a long awaited visit to the LA edition of The Apartment by The Line (I visited the New York location this past summer).


Perched in an open apartment overlooking Melrose Place, the LA version of TABTL boasts not one—but TWO—glorious spaces filled to the brim with stunningly designed housewares, furniture, clothing and accessories. The Apartment technically serves as a retail environment, but the place falls more in-line with a museum for design geeks. And geeked out I did. 

Oddly, despite having spent six years of my life living there, I never felt as much at home in LA as I did during the 30 minutes I spent in this apartment…I momentarily caught myself contemplating life as a hostess at SUR and whether or not I could subsist off of a kale and charcoal water diet (Oh LA, I kid, I kid... But BTW, if you’re NOT putting charcoal in your water—you’re pretty much pouring battery acid all over your organs). 


If you have even a sliver of a design-inclined bone in your body, I highly recommend adding The Apartment by the Line to your list of LA must-dos. 

The Apartment by The Line

I was in New York earlier this week for work and finally had a chance to visit The Apartment by The Line after months of encountering some SEVERE Instagram-induced FOMO. The concept is essentially a retail space for The Line, set in the context of an apartment so that you're perusing artifacts in-situ. 


The bones of the apartment are untouched so you get the charming juxtaposition of original architecture and contemporary pieces. I also love that the place maintains a bit of imperfect character. The fact that the rugs are broken-in, the floor creaks, some artwork is propped against the wallall help to give it a feel that's more approachable than pretentious. 


Oh, that bedroom situation?? I KNOW. There was nothing I wanted to do more than crawl in between those linen sheets for a fatty afternoon nap. But I didn't. I try to save that sort of behavior for Ikea only.

Anyways, if you have even a remote interest in design and find yourself in SoHo, I highly recommend popping over to see this gem in the flesh.