Big-Ass Houseplants

Like, we’re talking BIG-ass plants. Not a coy little succulent quietly perched atop a coffee table (although there’s nothing wrong with those)—but borderline offensively huge plants that demand your attention when you walk in a room. LOVE them. I think I appreciate this look so much because it’s a nice thing to let nature take the spotlight in a design every once and awhile. Typically—at least for me—plants and greenery are more of an afterthought than a focal point, but this aggressive plant look has have me thinking otherwise.

One last thing real quick—can we talk about that GIANT aloe plant? HELLO you beautiful beast! 

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Copenhagen Charm


When I stumbled across this Copenhagen home by way of Goop, I instantly did a digital double take. Ditte Isager is the photographic visionary behind both of Gwyneth’s (as in Paltrow) cookbooks among a host of other notable accolades—so it comes as no surprise that her home is equally as stunning as her portfolio of work. 


The pièce de résistance of it all in my opinion is her minimalist, floor-to-ceiling wood-paneled studio. Yowza. What a sanctuary! An introvert's dream if I've ever seen one!

Photos by Ditte Isager for Goop

Weekend Bits: Tomales Edition


A couple weeks ago my family came out for a visit and we trekked up to Tomales Bay for a night. We spent the day road-tripping up the coast with stops at Stinson Beach and Inverness before making our way to the ever-charming Nick's Cove where we stayed the night (I'd highly recommend the restaurant and the accommodations). The setting felt straight out of a storybook with cozy wood cabins lining the shore and nestled among rolling green hills.


And of course we made the schlep over to Sonoma on the way home for some Fremont Diner biscuits. All in all, a windy drive, but well worth it...

Into the Woods


As much as I love a good white or colored kitchen, there's something that feels quite timeless about these minimal-style wood kitchens. Coming out of the 90s and early 2000s, I can understand why some still have some lingering PTSD towards wood cabinetry, but when you aren't so heavy-handed on the paneling and avoid Cherry wood at all costs, you start to see some really refreshing results. It also helps not to overwhelm a space with wood cabinetry—including open shelving or minimizing the amount of upper cabinetry you have will help to keep the wood look under control. 

There's something about these spaces that feels more timeless than trendy and I just don't see myself ever tiring of it...

Image one via Delight by Design  // two via A+B Design // three via Kitchen Building // four via Coco Lapine // five via Architectural Digest // six via Toby Scott // seven via Meme Design